Expanding Your Photographic Expertise


We tend to stick to what we’re more comfortable with, right? My first love is capturing landscapes, and I was luckily enough to cut my tooth as a professional photographer in the Canadian Rockies. The slow speed, the amazing vistas… Jos Timmer prevented people as serious photographic topics for several years. However now I’m more comfortable with weddings and action sports activities, and happy I am. If you are primarily a landscape professional photographer and also have never shot a marriage, consider learning this completely different shooting style. If you are a sports professional photographer, try capturing landscapes for weekly, even if the chance sounds just a little slow paced for you personally. The brand new skills, experiences, and development are worth the task. Yes, we have to maintain our regions of specialty and knowledge, but there’s something to end up being said about versatility.

New Digs Mean New Work

After a move from Alberta to Ontario, only a couple of months pass when somebody found my internet site while looking for a professional photographer. Voila! I land a twelve-month photo gig at an area resort. The majority of my customers find me in this manner, therefore the lesson: keep your site current!

In planning for eventual pension, I decided quite a few years ago that shifting out of my safe place and photographing wedding ceremonies was my next thing. As someone thinking about challenges, I sometimes engage myself in a thing that stimulates my typical – and comfy – pallet of creativity. Understanding how to shoot wedding ceremonies is no little feat, and the training never stops. But I really do feel comfortable in my own skin carrying it out, so sports and actions photography were an all natural next step.